Finding Our Bearings with Thanks to Perth Visitor Information Centre

Trying to find our bearings with thanks to Perth Visitor Information Centre, this is made much easier.

I wanted to go to the Cairngorms and have a little jolly up on the funicular railway as it was due to be sunny and dry. Someone else had other idea’s and it didn’t involve a railway going up the side of a mountain! Spoil sport.

After looking through some of the literature we had picked up in VisitScotland Information Centre in Perth we opted to travel toward Pitlochry, Queens View and see what else we could find.

Several times on the journey north of home I could be heard “Oooooo” or “Ahhhhh” ‘ing. The colours of Autumn totally in full swing and everywhere just looks amazing. Of course, this is helped by the blue sky and sunshine.

So we drive straight through busy Pitlochry and wind our way to Queens View. As we turn left and go over Garry Bridge I say with some desperation “Oooo, that’s pretty.” Dude knows that pretty much means I want to stop. As if by magic on the other side is a small car park to do just that. What a view._MG_9822

Imagine our surprise when, as we look over the railings into the water to hear squeals beneath us. As we walk on one of the lower paths we find the noise is of some brave (or stupid) souls launching themselves off a platform attached to a bungee. Great work from the Highland Fling team for making the adrenaline itch worse – no, not me, my Dude! Add something else to the list.

Queens View – you have arrived at your destination.

Initial impressions were that maybe the car park was a bit small. Bearing in mind that on a sunny day in October it was pretty busy. You can pay just £2 to park all day which is great value if you spend more than just thirty minutes there. Why only thirty minutes? I will get to that.

On with our walking boots in the hope we can stretch our legs our and follow trails around the area. I have my camera and Dude has his binoculars. We follow the trail for a mere 150metres before coming to the viewing platform. See for yourself it really is a spectacular view

Queens View, Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog

We wait for a few minutes whilst others admire the view and take their family photos and then I get my go. We both have a look around through the bino’s to see if we can spot birds or deer – nothing.

So that was that. We made our way back to the visitor centre to see if there was information of other trails and walks and we found a large map of the roads and other car parks. We did go into the information centre but this is aimed more at giving details of the flora and forna in the area.

The leaflet box was empty.

So, that was that really. Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful but if I am paying £2 to park all day I would like my monies worth. Maybe there is a huge car park one hundred metres down the road with lots of trails – maybe I will find out next time.

To ease the slight disappointment of no walks today we stopped off in Pitlochry for a wander round. We visited the Dam & Fish Ladder and then stopped for coffee and cake. All is well in the world!

All in all a really lovely day, as you can see. Anyone who wishes to advise me of great trails around the Queens View area, please do.

Queens View, Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog

Again, huge thank you to Perth Visitor Information Centre.

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