Is it too early to make a Christmas wishlist?

I love Christmas but I do have to say that after only eleven days of seasonal television adverts they are starting to wear a little thin already! Is it too early to make a Christmas wishlist in November?

Our Short Story:

For the last few years Dude and I haven’t given each other presents. No, really, we haven’t done presents at all. Not even a little something to open on Christmas morning. I will let you into a secret. The Dude works shifts and these include bank holidays, birthdays and every day in between. So we may not get to eat our rather non traditional meal actually on the 25th. Here’s another thing, we don’t have children so it doesn’t matter that it happens four days later either. For us, on whichever day it falls, is all about good food, nice wine and spending time with each other.

We decided one year, after seeing a great city break offer to Budapest that that would be our present to each other. Since then we have also visited Reykjavik and Bratislava. Time and experiences are important to us. It’s also a great start to the new year when everyone else is back to work we go off on holiday. I mean what better way to start the year with a city break. January can be pretty bleak, so why not make it a bit more special.

This year I think we may look at some of the great options available to us in Perthshire and across Scotland.

Let’s look at some of the options:

  •  Cairngorm Reindeer Centre looks magical! Even as an adult this has to put a smile on your face. With a chance to visit the herd up on the mountain, up close & personal with reindeer. (Since I wrote this original post we have visited the reindeer, you can read all about it here).
  •  Lets Cook Scotland my culinary skills are not great but I do actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen with Dude (who is much better at cooking than I am). And you get to eat what you make!

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Can you recommend cheaper alternatives?  Or something special to put our first Christmas in Perthshire on the map. So is it too early to make a Christmas wishlist?

If you do have little people maybe this post will help you prepare for December.