Perth Winter Festival

I can’t explain just how excited I was to learn that I have moved near to a city that has a festival specifically for chocolate! As part of the Perth Winter Festival this was one of the events to be held in the city with the added bonus of a visit from the Coca Cola truck. You know the one….. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming (hows that for an ear worm!).

Sounds like I missed out

The city Christmas lights were switched on on Saturday evening with a full afternoon itinerary of music and entertainment. Headline act Lawson were to get the crowds going with also the legend that is Billy Ocean and Showaddywaddy on stage. There were also fireworks, for which I am grateful I didn’t see (because I am a scaredy cat!) Sounds like a cracking evening but I didn’t see any of that because I didn’t plan ahead! Silly me! I did get to see some great photo’s online though.

Sunny Sunday

A great start to the day by realising I wouldn’t have to pay for parking on a Sunday. Hip-hip-hooray.

Having made a bee-line straight for the famous soft drinks truck sadly this is the best photo I could get because of the rather large queue all around it. I only wanted to take a photo and not have to join the ever growing line of people. After trying various angles I decided that this would have to do! Maybe something to think about next year when planning the event?Coca Cola Truck, Perth, Scotland Travel Blog Exciting nevertheless, even for a thirty-something, to finally have seen it in the flesh.

By now it is getting rather busy in the city and the smell of fresh coffee and churro’s is making my mouth water. I did succumb to both. As I was on my own and eating on the go I don’t actually have evidence of either so please take my word for it, they were delicious!

The stalls were set up in the same positions as for the farmers market which gives people room to walk through or stop and browse without getting squished. I had a wander around and spoke to some of the business owners. Everyone seemed to be happy to be a part of the event, to speak to me and for the sun to be shining. Alba Chocolate had traveled south from Newtonmore to be a part of the Chocolate Festival. They use Fairtrade ingredients for all of their products and care about the environment too. Always good to know.Alba Chocolate trees, Perth Farmers Market, Perthshire, Scotland Travel Blog I also managed to find inflatable igloos with some great ice carvings. The photo at the top of this page show a snow flake which formed part of the bar in the igloo. You could also take a photo using the ice carving “photo booth” festive frame. Had I have had someone to take one of me I would have, it’s a great idea.

All in all I had another great time in Perth city. I did also try and find a bobble hat that suits me, but failed!

I look forward to more Perth Winter Festival (#PerthWinterFest) events.

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