Somewhere over the Perthshire rainbow

Today we have had a rather blustery but glorious walk. No miles in the car just from our front door, up the farm track and then up on the hills and we find ourselves somewhere over the Perthshire rainbow.

One of our reasons for moving four hundred miles north was for a change of lifestyle. We love the great outdoors and one of us is a fan of more extreme pursuits. I will give you a clue – it isn’t me! So this week even though it has been a bit damp and windy I have been out and about exploring.

Monday I walked some of the woodland trail at Kinnoull Hill. The sun was shining when I left home and the second I got to the Corsie Hill car park the heavens opened. I was rewarded for my patience with a beautiful rainbow.

There wasn’t a soul to be seen. Just me, my camera and Autumn.

It took me about thirty minutes to saunter up the well marked trail of about 1km so can be done much quicker if you’re not stopping to photograph things. Some of the path is quite steep but nothing too strenuous.

Once at the top I could see over the river Tay, the city of Perth and the rolling hills which surround us. I wasn’t there long before the weather changed. I could literally see the storm moving toward me and the wind quickly picked up.River Tay, Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog

It rained for the entire time it took me to get back down to the car park and then stopped but I was again rewarded with a rainbow.

That was me happy, two rainbows in one day.

Today. the Dude and I, like I mentioned, ventured up the farm track today. Not entirely sure where we were going (new territory for us) but we did hope that we would see the deer in the field. And we did.

Up the track, over the bridge, through the gate and all that was left was to climb the hill.

Reaching the top the view was clear and we could see rivers Tay and Earn. Following the roads across to Newburgh and other places we have only so far just driven through.

As we neared the bottom of the hill again, having managed not to slip or turn an ankle, it started to rain. Big wet rain. Not the wet stuff that soaks you but big heavy drops like a posh shower.River Tay, Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog Then as we came out of the woods there was another rainbow.

I have never seen so many and I am sure they will never cease to make me smile, or at least I hope not. For now I am very much enjoying being somewhere over the Perthshire rainbow.Somewhere over the Perthshire rainbow, Scottish Travel Blog

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