St Andrews Day

What a way to celebrate us being residents of Scotland for two months today – it’s St Andrews Day! I know, two whole months already.

We are obviously in love with Scotland, otherwise why would we have moved 400 miles to be here? I won’t be able to list everything we love about this country but here are just a few reasons:

  1. The raw beauty – or do I mean braw? The Isle of Mull is one of my favourite places, not only in Scotland but the world. The island is packed with hidden gems. It boast’s waterfalls, great walking routes, wildlife, a Munro, amazing people and scenery to die for! Perthshire, now our home county, also has so much to offer – Lochs, glens, mountains, rivers and home to such an array of wildlife. We really are proud to call this home.Sound of Mull
  2. Food – I have already met some really lovely foodie suppliers at Perth Farmers market earlier this month – heather honey, pies, scotch eggs, wild boar sausages, venison, potatoes to name but a few. There was also my visit to the Chocolate Festival in which I discovered some mighty fine creations. Scotland is also known for the best salmon. On the opposite end of that healthy option there is also the deep fried mars bar.  Alba Chocolate
  3. Drink – Obviously, the home of whisky. Dude loves an Islay single malt nip. Me? I have to admit to not even liking the smell but I have tasted them just to make sure! The gin I tasted at the farmers market on the other hand, splendid! We have also been enjoying some of the local craft beers. William Brothers Brew Co. goes down rather well with us! And of course the cure for all hangovers (so I’m told), Irn Bru. Irn Bru
  4. Weather – Yesterday we practically had four seasons in one day and saw proof of the saying “just wait twenty minutes and the weather will change.” Snow, sunshine and blue sky, rain. There have been several occasions where I have been out, it’s rained but then a rainbow has appeared, so it’s not all bad. Kinnoull Hill Rainbow
  5. People – I have a little mile and a half route that I can walk quickly if I need to stretch my legs or clear my head, some of it is along a lane. I have had lengthy conversations with dog walkers who have introduced themselves and welcomed me to the area. Just generally all round lovely people. My time as a volunteer Clydesider at the 2014 Commonwealth Games proved without doubt that Scotland is a great place to meet great people. Clydesiders
  6. Lifestyle – This was maybe one of the biggest reasons we decided to move. We are both quite outdoorsy types, not particularly fussed what the weather is doing either but we wanted something more. Bigger walks. Own a canoe. Take more photograph’s. To see more wildlife. To chase the Aurora Borealis – to name but a few. I am sure our list of things to do and places to visit will continue to grow. I am just looking forward to having big adventures.Moody Sky

There are SO many more reasons why we love this country and chose to live here and embrace every single thing about it and I could go on but the sun is shining and I’m away to visit Dunkeld for the first time. See ya later and have an excellent St Andrews Day, however you will be celebrating.