St Andrews in the sunshine

The conversation went like this the other night:

Me: “Can we do something cool tomorrow?”

Dude: “Like what?”

Me: “I don’t know, you decide.”

Jump forward ten minutes and after checking the weather forecast:

Me: “if it’s going to be nice please can we go to the seaside?”

After another ten minutes he suggests we go to St Andrews in the sunshine.

If you think that sounded like hard work, that is pretty much how a lot of conversations go in our house. Or end up with one of us saying “just decide.”

Morning has broken

Up and about early, all excited like a child at Christmas, I decide which lenses to use on which camera, make sure the memory cards are cleared and then decide I only need one camera and to use my lovely 35mm prime lens.

It’s just a 45 minute drive from home out to St Andrews. We haven’t, until now ventured out this way and decided that Cupar seems like a nice little town to wander round in the future. Finding a place to park was easy enough and with the heads up from this website, we discovered there are also long stay free car parks on the out skirts of town, just a short walk away from the high street.

It was apparent straight away there was a lovely atmosphere. Hustle and bustle of university students and locals going about their daily business. It didn’t take long to notice the eclectic mix of small independent traders and the large branded shops and coffee houses.

We did find the VisitScotland iCentre and a very helpful lady in there gave us a map and pointed us in the direction of the harbour and the Links golf course.

The short walk from the main road to the harbour took us through narrow streets with pretty terraced houses on either side, one we noticed dated 1561.

As we approach the sea I can smell it in the air and my excitement at being at the beach escalates. It is mid November, I have a couple of layers on, a waterproof (the hat, gloves and scarf had no need to make an appearance) oh and my favourite Bloc sunglasses. Absolutely brilliant.

St Andrews East Sands, Scottish Travel Blog  *Pointing out the obvious – I handed over one of my precious camera’s to Dude – This photo is his handy work!*

I was expecting the wind to be blowing more on the coast but it really was pleasant. East Sands is really pretty and I imagine in the Summer time it is very popular for sailing and for making sand castles. It seemed to be a popular place for locals to walk their dogs too. What is it about dogs and the sea? I wonder if it was nice in there?

From here you can follow some of the Fife Coastal path in either direction but we chose to re-fuel and calm down and find somewhere to have coffee.

We happened across Zest boasting an amazing selection of smoothies and freshly ground coffee. No brainer!

Really lovely atmosphere, lunchtime offers, polite staff and clean tables. Sadly we didn’t need lunch on this visit, but I can recommend the victoria sponge muffin washed down with a hot chocolate it is spot on!

Back out in the fresh air of St Andrews we made our way to West Sands which boasts it’s beauty in the opening sequence of Chariots of Fire. The beach is approximately two miles long and on a day like yesterday the coastline was visible and very pretty. Many people taking the opportunity to bask, okay, walk in the Autumnal sunshine with their dog or loved ones. I also saw one family flying a kite and I realised that at my age I don’t think I have ever flown a kite.. That needs to change!

I had put it off as long as I could really. Golf. THE home of Golf. THE course any golfer wants to play. St Andrews Old Course.

It is said by some that golf spoils a good walk, I don’t think this is strictly true. I am a golf widow but sometimes it nice for us to go out together on a course even though I don’t play. Dude does his thing and I tag along and have been known to sniff out any rogue balls!

I know he is missing his golf buddies from down south and I am hoping that come the Spring he will have found some new ones through work. He is hoping to try out some of the many golf gems Perthshire has to offer as soon as he can. If you have any recommendations for courses or new member offers please get in touch

All in all our day at St Andrews in the sunshine was what the doctor ordered. We won’t be leaving it too long before visiting again.

East Sands St Andrews, Scottish Travel Blog St Andrews Old Course, Scottish Travel Blog