Visiting the Isle of Mull in Winter

I am not even going to try and describe to you a whole weeks worth of “mini adventures” in one post there is just too much to fit in. Yes that’s right, visiting the Isle of Mull in Winter there is still so much to see. You will be rewarded for venturing out (even if it is just in the car) every single time you step outside the door.

During our most recent visit we were based at Fishnish Bay with stunning views and only fifteen minutes from the ferry terminal at Craignure. Perfect. Over the past couple of years we have stayed in the same cottage and have created our own little routine around the island and I wish to share this with you over a small series of Winter posts.

If you’ve read the post about Poppies Cottage you will know that once we had arrived and unpacked (in about forty minutes) we made the most of the afternoon to do drive along Loch na Keal. It had been snowing on the crossing over from Oban and still snowing when we went back out, everything looks so pretty covered in snow and the low cloud made it so dramatic.View of loch na keal, mountains on the one side shrouded in cloudOur first sighting on the Ben More estate was of several roe deer in amongst the trees just at the side of the road. We slow down but do not stop, not wishing to disturb them grazing so we continue along scanning the sky and the shoreline. The sun started to make an appearance but it was still bitterly cold and windy. No reason not to get out and take photographs though!A roe deer in a field As we drove further along the loch the Dude* very excitedly says “otter.” I didn’t see a thing but he is adamant, even now, that he saw what he thinks was a dog otter. As we laugh about this out of nowhere a white tailed sea eagle sweeps in very low on the shoreline, fighting against the wind, just thirty or so metres from us. Welcome to Mull. Absolutely bloody amazing. We then watch him (or her) fly off across the loch.White tailed sea eagle perched on the side of a lochWe continue and the light is changing continually and by now the time is getting on but just as we decide to turn around we spot a common seal “bottling,” just bobbing up and down. We watch each other for a few minutes and then turn back.

Still scanning sky and shore we both at the same time see an otter. It’s about the place as the Dude* reckons he saw “his” otter and as we watch it dive down under water we get out of the car and make it to the rocks in time before it re-surfaces. We watch it patrol along the coast for a good twenty minutes – seeing him (definitely a dog otter) mooch around the rocks and have a bit of a clean was rather brilliant.

By now we are quite cold, in fact I was freezing but I had a smile on my face and had remembered why visiting the Isle of Mull in Winter is quite special. But before we head off back to the cottage to thaw out the wildlife wanted to put on just one more display in the form of a pair of golden eagles soaring.

We must have been out for a maximum of three hours. That is three hours of pure Mull magic.

The lives of animals continue even when it is freezing cold and windy all you have to do is put yourself out there (even if you are in the car like we were). For us this is a perfect time to be visiting the Isle of Mull and I will cover more in my follow up winter series posts. I have to add to this we saw maybe two other cars in all the time we were out!

If you want to see more photo’s you can pop over to my Facebook page and say hi.Snow capped mountain on the isle of mull. A vehicle track down the centre of the photo going off in to the distance Calgary beach in Mull. Tide is out and the reflection on the wet sand

*For those new to my blog the Dude is my partner, best friend and imagines seeing otters!*


  1. Melanie February 3, 2016 at 17:08

    Ahhhh thank you. I do agree that it looks amazing at any time and the mountains are just beautiful

  2. Teresa Bowen February 4, 2016 at 13:25

    I love visiting places outside of the normal tourist season. Your photos illustrate just how beautiful a place can be when most other people are tucked up warm at home.

    1. Melanie February 4, 2016 at 17:07

      Me too. I felt like we had the island to ourselves. Fabulous.

  3. Amy Hunt February 5, 2016 at 12:17

    Those photos are spectacular, you can almost smell the fresh air! I need to get out of the city!

    -Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Melanie February 5, 2016 at 12:26

      Ahhhh thank you Amy. Take a look at part two that I have just posted. Calgary beach really putting on a gorgeous display


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