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We have now been here just five weeks and so far the weather in Scotland has been kind to us. Largely, the response from people when we mentioned we were moving four hundred miles north was “why? You do know it’s cold and wet up there?”

So far so good. In the first week, we had temperatures around 17 degrees, glorious sunshine and blue sky. What’s not to love about that in October? This made it a lot easier to go out exploring¬†and taking photographs but I do know it won’t always be like this. Today is a good example of that, it’s windy and wet but I have still been out for what has become part of my daily routine, one mile walk, done a few times a day (helps me to keep warm).

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But what is it about our obsession with the weather? If it’s too hot, we moan. If it’s too cold, we moan. If it’s raining, yes you know what I am going to say. I won’t even mention snow!¬†Actually I will mention snow because I LOVE it and will be looking forward to making snow angels.

I don’t see what difference it makes what the weather is like. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have blue sky and sunshine or even for it just not be raining but that is not going to happen.

I do try to be positive about these things and this can be difficult sometimes. There will be farmers and gardeners who will be wanting some rain at some point. Parents who would like it to stay dry so they can take the little ones to the park.

From a photographers point of view if I have a family photo shoot to do I would prefer it to be dry. Soggy children don’t really smile too much! And then there is the calm after the storm, where the water that is left behind has made puddles or now makes a spider’s web looks magical. These are the sorts of things that many of us, with our busy lives, are missing out on.

I think my point is our skin is waterproof, we can dry off, and that within reason there really is no excuse not to complain about the weather. Maybe we should all learn to dance in the rain or splash in the puddles more often?

As for the skeptics, we are enjoying the weather in Scotland just fine thank you. We have great outdoor gear and back up hot chocolate for when we get home. Get outside, let the wind blow the cobwebs away, you don’t know what you are missing!

Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog



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