Introducing a Scottish travel blog

Who knew life could change so much and borne from a love affair, I am introducing a Scottish travel blog to you.
In March 2015, the Dude and I headed to Mull for our annual trip. As usual, I was reluctant to leave and felt my eyes fill with tears on the ferry home but feeling it was more than just holiday blues. I uttered the words, “I don’t want to go home, shall we move?”
Seven months later with our world packed into the car and a box luton van, we had done just that. Perthshire became our home and we weren’t going to let a moment of our new life pass us by. So, this travel blog was born. Full Stop, Next Chapter. A travel guide to Scotland.
Here, I capture memories and share our adventures. As newcomers to the area, we have behaved as tourists in our own home. Exploring glens, waterfalls, castles and coastal paths, visiting each part of this beautiful place and discovering Scottish gin!
Through my travel and lifestyle blog, you will discover the wildlife, food, hiking, events and experiences that make Scotland one of the most incredible destinations in the world.
 What sets me apart?
There are some amazing Scottish bloggers, so I know you’re wondering what makes me unique. Well, I write with passion for my destination and embrace every opportunity life throws at me. I am a VisitScotland Ambassador and contributor to their iKnow community and have spent three summers exploring this beautiful country as a “Coo-Viser”, extolling the virtues of all that Scotland has on offer.
But what really sets me apart is my photography. As a professional photographer, I provide high quality, artistically arranged images. I have an eye for detail and the ability to compose and edit the perfect photograph.
So, whether you are an avid explorer looking for inspiration, or a brand or destination with a desire to enhance your media portfolio, welcome to my Scotland travel blog. Full Stop, Next Chapter.