I’m never happier than when I’ve got a camera in my hand and an adventure in my heart. For many years, I’ve been a passionate photographer with an eye for detail and a genuine love of beautiful, artistic images. But somehow, that wasn’t enough. I could capture all the beauty in the world but if I couldn’t tell people about it, it meant nothing. That’s why I decided to combine photography with my other great love – writing. Work with me and let me share your little corner of Scotland through my images and words.
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Uprooting and starting a new life made me realise that anything is possible. We are only limited by our own expectations. Scotland is now my home, but every day I still see it through the eyes of a tourist. I am still discovering beautiful destinations. Amazing accommodation, stunning scenery and breath-taking wildlife. I’m meeting wonderful people and working on projects that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. My aim is to get locals and visitors to explore and scratch deeper than the surface of this bonnie place.
I am proud to be in my third year as a VisitScotland iKnow community ambassador – sharing my knowledge of visitor attractions, castles, walks, island jaunts, lunch stops and even where you can see heilan coos during your visit!
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If you want to work with me, a Scottish travel blogger, you’ll be looking for someone with passion. And I’ve got that in droves. My blog posts reflect my personality. Unique and full of flair and reflect my love of Scotland. They are complemented by large, artistic and unusual photographs that inspire people to take up your call to action.
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Available for:
Online Destination Campaigns
Social Media takeovers
Press Trips
Guest Posts
Please do get in touch, I can’t wait to see what we can create together. 
Brands I have worked with:
National Trust for Scotland
Embrace Scotland


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