A day out at the Scottish Game Fair

For the past twenty eight years the Scottish Game Fair has welcomed visitors from far and wide. It’s now in it’s twenty ninth year and remains a highlight in their calendar. If you are local or stayed locally yesterday, you will know all about the amount of rain we had but this didn’t seem to put anyone off. Today was a parade of wellies, boots and sturdy shoes for all ages but not an umbrella or poncho in sight.

I know some of you will be thinking you don’t see what all the fuss is about? Maybe not understand why folk may travel down from Shetland, or up from Northampton? You might not go shooting, or own a rescue mongrel, let alone a pedigree gun dog. You may however have an interest in nature, livestock, food, outdoor activities such as fishing or want to try something new, like archery or clay pigeon shooting. And all these things, plus a whole lot more are available to learn, try and sample over the three day event.

Today I have enjoyed a day out at the Scottish Game Fair to suss out what exactly is on offer for those looking for something different at this event:

Food Hall

I am starting with one of my priority stops, the food hall. Always popular because of the free samples and tempt us to get our purses and wallets out. I found some amazing Scottish products, including black pudding scotch eggs, garlic mayo, lobsters, fresh bread, gin and sausages in more varieties that I realised possible! So many of the food suppliers were within an hours drive of Perth too, that is something to be proud about.

If, like me, you struggle for new things to cook then the Cookery Theatre is the perfect place to pick up some tips and recipe inspiration. Demonstrations running all through the weekend, there is bound to be something that tickles your taste buds.

Photo of a market stall. Close up of a Scotch egg cut in half. Also meat pies cut in half to show contents
Photo of: Man in chef whites doing a cookery demonstration at the Scottish Game FairPhoto of four lobsters on ice. Their claws are bound with elastic bands.

Have a Go

Since the London 2012 Olympic Games I have been banging on about having a go at archery. Five years later I manage to tick it off my to do list because I got the opportunity today at the Scottish Game Fair. For just a small fee I shot my first six arrows and lets just say, there’s room for improvement. But now I have the taste for it I will definitely have a proper lesson. There was also a climbing wall for children too.

If you have the reactions of a cat and good eyesight maybe clay pigeon shooting could be your thing. With expert supervision, guidance and some ear defenders you can have a go at this sport too. Let me know how you get on!

Strip of three photos. First: older man showing a young boy in a kilt how to use a bow and arrow. Second photo: Man showing a lady how to fire a gun for clay pigeon shooting. Third: photo of an archery target with arrows in.

Main Arena Demonstrations 

There’s a full itinerary for each day in the main arena. A great variety of displays from terrier racing, birds of prey display and gun dog demonstrations. My favourite from today were the Clywd Axemen showing off their amazing skill, strength and precision with axes and chainsaws.

The Fife Foxhounds came into the ring and totally owned it! Members of the audience/public were then given the chance to get up close and personal with these hounds. They proved very popular with the children. I can see why. I remember as a child having many similar encounters with hounds and it always stuck in my mind that they are rather cheeky but great fun. Just watch out for the wet kisses!

Photo of a Spaniel doing a working dog demonstration at the Scottish Game Fair. It's legs are outstretched and ears are up in the air.
Photo of three dogs in an event ring. Two black labradors facing toward a person out of the shot. One Spaniel facing the camera. Ready for their working dog demonstrationScottish Game Fair, Perth, Scotland  
Scottish Game Fair, Scotland
Scottish Game Fair, Scotland,
Scottish Game Fair, Perth, Scotland
Scottish Game Fair, Scotland, Perth Scottish Game Fair, Scotland, Perth

Get Involved

I also found in the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust marquee that children could do some clay modelling (and there were also workshops twice a day), make wee beasties from card and other craft materials too. What a brilliant way for children to learn about nature without even realising it. There is also a bee hive to see into and watch something that otherwise is normally hidden away. I learnt about the life cycle of a bee and how important bees are to us.

Scottish Game Fair, Perth, Scotland  Scottish Game Fair, Scotland, Perth Scottish Game Fair, Perth

I also spotted some children having their faces painted too. Very cute.

There are big boys toys there too: machinery, fancy cars, 4×4’s and plenty of shopping opportunities if you need a new pair of wellies or a wax hat (ready for the next rain storm).Scottish Game Fair, Blogger, Travel Blog Scottish Game Fair, Perth, Scotland Travel Guide

I really had a lot of fun today. I blethered to lots of people from all over and all with different reasons for enjoying a day out at the Scottish Game Fair but all with one thing in common. They enjoy the variety of quality exhibitors, demonstrations, competitions and good atmosphere throughout the weekend event. Don’t be put off by the sea of tweed, expensive boots and 4×4’s, it really is a fabulous day out.

Scottish Game Fair, Perth, Scotland  Photos of a metalic cow, Scotch eggs and people stood by a river

If you visit this weekend for the first time please do let me know what you think, either in the comments below or on Twitter.


  1. Colin Calder June 30, 2017 at 19:13

    What a great blog! Makes you feel as if you are there! And looks like the Scottish Game Fair is like a (slightly) smaller version of Royal Highland Show now – broadening its appeal with something for everyone!

    1. Melanie July 2, 2017 at 06:15

      I was surprised actually as to how different the Game Fair is to the Highland Show. No big chain stores handing out free samples but instead Scottish suppliers who you are more likely to meet at the local farmers markets. It also has a much friendlier atmosphere. A great day out.

  2. Plutonium Sox July 3, 2017 at 21:58

    Oh it looks like a fabulous day out and you know I’d be right behind you in making a beeline for the food tent before anything else got a look in!


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