Pine Cone Point walk in Perthshire

Living in Scotland we feel extremely lucky to have so many options for walks and days out, without even leaving big tree country. With flat trails around lochs, plenty of small hills with cracking views and for the more able/adventurous there are twenty-eight Munros right here in the county too. We have plenty of favourite, ‘go to’ walks but it is always pleasing to find something new, but even better when it’s been on a list and you didn’t actually realise it was so close to home! The Pine Cone Point walk in Perthshire is a recent discovery for us and so to kick the new year off, we went to check it out.

Pine Cone Point in Perthshire

I was actually really surprised to learn that this walk starts off in the car park of the Hermitage near Dunkeld on the A9. Why? Because we must have visited this place hundreds of times since moving over three years ago without realising it lead on to other walks.

We set off, following the familiar path through the tunnel and along the river Braan (looking out for dippers) until we reached a fork in the trail and kept right. This is where our walk started to differ from previous visits, we never walk up this way as it’s further away from the water.

With Ossian’s Hall straight ahead we carried on until the trail forks once more and we kept to the right. It felt really weird because this is the way that the Dude and I would normally follow back to the car, passing the totum pole.

Tunnel at the Hermitage

A man standing in front of the Ossian's Halls folly at the Hermitage in Scotland A wooden totum pole with an eagle's head at the topShortly after, we reached a much wider vehicle track and followed the Inver Path sign straight on. We were no longer walking under a tree canopy, instead the bright blue sky overhead made us squint slightly as we explored the new territory. Making this exploration even more exciting (to me, at least) was the heavy frost, and so like a child seeing things for the first time I bounced from one side of the track to the other taking photos.

A sign post in woodland for the Inver PathA path in the shade leading up into the trees Brown ferns covered in frost

Keeping an eye on where we were going, the Dude waited for me to catch him up (standard procedure, bless him) at where we now needed to turn left.

It’s here that the path starts to zig-zag and it’s gentle slope carried us up above the tree line, offering some super views. There has clearly been alot of work taken place here in the passed few years as large tree stumps are left for nature and new growth of next generation firs pop up along this route.

One last zig. Or maybe it’s a zag off to the right at the top and the path levels outs and we were, once more, in amongst the trees.

Pine trees and blue sky in Scotland

At the top

As first timers to this walk we found that this windy path keeps you guessing if you are nearly there yet and it’s only at the very last second Pine Cone Point reveals itself.

The view point offers a vista along strathtay and it’s hard not to notice the A9 snaking it’s way through the landscape but the beauty of this walk will be that the view will change each time. The sun could be higher (or not out at all), the shadows will be different and we’re in Big Tree Country so no matter what time of year the trees will always be impressive.

Just look at it below. A patchwork blanket of winter colour. Far from boring.

A view of the river Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.

Across Perthshire there are many romantic follies but this is possibly the most modern I have seen. As the name suggests, it does in fact resemble a cone and now each wooden piece of the shelter has weathered over time it looks like it belongs here.

A wooden folly in Scotland that looks like a pine cone

We mooched about and admired the view and several other people came, took a photo and left, long before we decided to make our way back down. It was actually quite chilly once we stopped moving and nice to get going again, retracing our steps from whence we came.

Pine trees in Scotland

Another new walk discovered

The Dude and I have the luxury of being able to take walks and have adventures Monday – Friday whilst many people are at work. Allowing us many wildlife spotting opportunities or to just enjoy nature’s orchestra. It also means having places (mostly) to ourselves but not on the 2nd January as it’s a Bank Holiday here in Scotland. We knew it be hoaching with people all making a start on new year resolutions or enjoying their last day of freedom before going back to work. It seems the Pine Cone Point walk in Perthshire was a good option for that day. I think we must have passed less than ten people whilst out on the zig-zags. Brilliant.

Since doing this walk we have also followed the Inver path and I will share it with you here on the blog very soon.



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