So much to see, so little time

In this passed week we have had two different sets of visitors and thankfully Scotland has put on a grand display of summer sunshine and looked mighty fine. This has given us chance to spend time with friends and family (my in-laws) but has really emphasised there is so much to see, so little time.

Our friends (also a fellow blogger) stayed in a self catering cottage just twenty five minutes drive from us at Blairmore Farm and we had made plans to spend time together and show them a small piece of Perthshire during their stay. With two small children and two dogs to cater for too we opted for a picnic beside Loch Leven. Great place to relax, let the children play and enjoy the weather. Sadly Loch Leven castle wasn’t open the day we were there and so they were unable to cross over to the island and have a look around this historic site. Next best thing was to go for a swim in the loch. It was lovely to see the little ones getting straight into the water in their wetsuits and not flinch at the cold water.

Loch Leven, Wild Swimming, Scotland Travel Guide

I had also told them about the magnificent ospreys at Loch of the Lowes which they also visited during their stay. An opportunity not to be missed if you are visiting Perthshire at this time of the year. With brilliant viewpoints toward the nesting pair and their three chicks, it is highly recommended (by me at least).

Of course, holidays are all about exploring, relaxing, new experiences and having fun and I think Natalie and her family would agree they managed all of these things.Loch Leven, Scotland Travel Guide
Loch Leven, Scotland Travel Guide

A different type of exploring was needed for the in-laws. Definitely no open water swimming!

This has been their first trip to Scotland and as we prepare to take them back to the airport as I write this they tell me that have thoroughly enjoyed being up here. I am guessing the 23 degree heat and cloudless blue sky has helped! With it being the first weekend of the month Perth Farmers Market was on and the Dude thought it would be nice to show them our local sights, which they loved. On Saturday I had to work at Anstruther Harbour Festival. Great excuse to bring our Kentish visitors to Fife’s east coast and to sample the laid back atmosphere of the festival. They explored the narrow lanes and coastline, even spotting baby eider ducklings! They enjoyed some of the local produce from stalls on the harbour too. Once I had finished work we opted to drive back home to get fish and chips as the queue for the famous fish bar was already quite a size.

Sunday, after much deliberation about where to go and what to do the night before, we decided to visit Blair Castle. Not too far away, beautiful castle and grounds with lots of history. We spent time wandering through the castle and seeing the rooms in all their splendour. It really is quite something and a great insight into it’s history. Sadly visitors are only permitted to take photos in the great hall of the castle but it is rather impressive (and available for wedding hire):

Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scotland Travel Guide
 We also explored the grounds: deer park, Diana’s Grove and Hercules Garden. The nine acre walled garden is a little piece of heaven in Perthshire! So tranquil and pretty.

Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scotland Travel Guide

On the opposite end of the peace and quiet of this walled garden we opted to visit Edinburgh on Monday. It was decided that we would drive to Ingliston P&R and catch a tram into St Andrews Square and then have some lunch before walking up to the castle. That is exactly what we did.

The Dude and I had been to the castle, several years ago, and so it was nice to re-visit and refresh our memories of the view over the city:

Edinburgh, Princes Street, Scotland Travel Guide, Scottish Travel Blog

We were lucky enough to see a Bride arriving for her wedding at the chapel too. Something that visitors from oversea’s were very excited to photograph but were well managed by the castle staff. It was pretty full on! Quite a location to get married.

All in all we had a full on few days but it is always a pleasure to share our new life with our friends and some of the family. I think it emphasises everything we already know about our move to Scotland and that is: we 100% made the right decision and that we may never have to holiday anywhere else ever again with everything Scotland has to offer – for visitors and residents alike. One thing is for sure whichever way you look at it there is so much to see, so little time. Better get out and explore more.

I would LOVE to hear about your favourite places to visit too.

Blair Castle, Perthshire, Scottish Travel Blog

**For those of you new to my blog the Dude is my affectionate name for my partner, best friend and fellow explorer**

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  1. Plutonium Sox June 8, 2016 at 21:04

    Gorgeous photos as always and thanks for the honorary mention! we had a fabulous time, thanks so much for being our tour guide! We did indeed make it to Loch of the Lowes and saw the ospreys, thanks for the recommendation!


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