When is the best time to visit Scotland?

What a question! Depending on who you ask, you will get many different answers and reasons of why Edinburgh in August is the best time. Or why Harris is stunning in spring and Skye should be skipped in July! Its all personal preference or being limited to school holidays maybe? In this blog I hope to answer the aged old question “when is the best time to visit Scotland?”

Before we moved to Perthshire, I had been up on holiday many times; once at the end of May to Fort William and all the other times were in March when we stayed on the Isle of Mull. To say we had been lucky with the weather, I think is an understatement. Our Fort William trip was my first ever time in Scotland and we managed to get a clear view from the top of Ben Nevis, which on average has a clear view from the summit, one out of ten days! We were super lucky as it had been torrential rain two days earlier when we arrived.

Ben Nevis, Scottish Travel Guide, Scotland Travel Tips

Our trips across to Mull and Iona in following years were a mixed bag of howling wind, torrential rain, blue skies and spectacular aurora borealis sightings. Non of the bad weather stopped us from getting out and about – the wildlife still have to hunt for food and the beaches are still beautiful. The photo below was taken on a beach in March during a visit to Iona where we were the only two people on it and ate our packed lunches sat on the rocks. Perfect.

Iona, Scottish Travel Guide


However, since moving to Scotland we have travelled to Shetland in January, played golf at the end of February, Aberdeenshire in August and just two days ago got back from a week in Orkney (in October). The truth is you cannot count on the weather being good, even in the summer.

There is nothing we can do about the weather, except be prepared for it with the right clothing and where necessary, sun cream! As the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather” and I totally agree with this. The rain and mist makes glens and lochs very atmospheric in the autumn and with changing colours of the trees it is rather special. It also fuels some of the most spectacular waterfalls. Of course, if you’re lucky you may even get a rainbow. That’s gotta be worth a smile?

Winter gives us a white wonderland of snow capped mountains that easily rival any landscapes across Scandinavia and if you manage to get a bit of blue sky with that too, you’re on to a winner!

Glen Coe, Scottish Travel Guide, Best time to visit Scotland

Spring is full of hope, new life and the days start to draw out giving us more day light. I love the fresh feel of the spring months, the air is still crisp, snowdrops and daffodils appear along our driveways and public parks too. We still need to wrap up and look out for April showers but it is a lovely time of year.

As the summer arrives and we get used to the longer days, there are highland games, harbour and book festivals that fill the calender (it’s not all about the Fringe!). BUT, on the west coast (mainly) there are midges. Tiny, annoying little blighters that bite, they come en mass and there is no escaping them. This, for me, is enough to put me off going west or into the highlands at this time of year.

Open or Closed 

Many visitor attractions have a season – normally Easter to the end of October, that they are open for. So if you plan to come in January you might want to do your homework and make sure the places you wish to visit will be open. If you are looking at attractions in cities then you will find that they will probably still be open unlike some of the castles on the islands.

We have found that when visiting more remote places or some of the islands ‘out of season’ that even some of the coffee shops and cafes will be closed too. This doesn’t bother us too much and we take packed lunches and a flask when we go out for the day walking, to spot wildlife and do some photography. Something to bare in mind though.

Decisions, decisions

In short, there are pros and cons for each month and each season but all I ask is that you don’t write one off because it might be cold or it gets dark earlier, in favour for following the crowds in peak season for more daylight and cramming more in.

So, the answer to the question “when is the best time to visit Scotland” from me would be “whenever you like. It’s always pretty, breathtaking, atmospheric and welcoming. Here are some of my photos, through all seasons and weather to help you decide.

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, Best time to visit Scotland
St Andrews in November
Queens View, Perthshire, Best time to visit Scotland, Scotland travel guide
Queens View in October
Perthshire, Scotland Travel Guide
Bridge of Earn in March
Dunrobin Castle, Scotland, Scotland Travel Guide
Dunrobin Castle in June
Applecross, North Coast 500, Scotland Travel Guide
Applecross in October
Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland Travel Guide
A Perthshire Glen in March
Edinburgh, Scotland, Scotland travel Guide
Edinburgh in February
Kellie Castle, Fife, Scotland
Kellie Castle Gardens in July
Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland travel guide
Cairngorm Mountain in April
Shetland, Scotland
Shetland in January
Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow in December
The Hermitage, Perthshire, Scotland Travel Guide
Perthshire in October
Perth, Scotland Travel Guide
Perth in November
Perthshire, Scotland travel guide
Stanley in May

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  1. Bill Wylie October 23, 2017 at 17:47

    Very good post, gret advice and wonderful pictures… Thanks… 🙂

  2. Plutonium Sox October 24, 2017 at 09:29

    Ahh it’s just too beautiful. I can’t wait until we can get up there a bit more frequently. I’d actually love to visit in Winter, it looks magical.


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