When life gives you lemons

This post is a bit off the cuff and from the heart. I recently received a message from one of my friends, we have known each other since first school, and though when life gets in the way we can go for weeks or months without contact, there is that constant friendship and stability of knowing the other is there if needed. She has done so many things I am envious of and that I admire her for having the balls to do over the years – travelling, interesting jobs, always pushing herself to be a better person and constantly learning.

When life gives you lemons

Text message started:  Text Message, A travel Guide to Scotland

This put a real smile on my face. “K” was one of few people that actually congratulated us when Dude and I announced we were moving to Scotland. Never one to turn down an opportunity or say no to a new experience she knew that this was something to embrace (and she LOVES Scotland).

But the next bit knocked the smile off my face:  Text Message, A travel Guide to Scotland, Scottish Travel Blogger

I’m not going to go into details on who, what, where and when, that’s not my story to tell. But at that instant I was reminded how things can change and how embracing life and it’s opportunities is vital.

Take my blog, for instance. Originally it started as an online diary, a way of documenting all the places we had been discovering, and new things we were trying. It has over time become so much more to me than just words and opportunities. It is now a way of sharing our new lifestyle and (hopefully) inspiring people – both locals and visitors to explore much more of Scotland.

Over on my Instagram just a few days ago I posted about saying yes to adventures. It seems people are getting too caught up in the meaning of the word adventure and sadly it rings of cycling around the world on your own or some other journey of epic proportions. But it can just mean a two hour walk somewhere new with the children. It can mean pushing yourself to your limit and beyond or it could be walking the dog for twenty minutes longer than yesterday.

I recently saw the coolest of men (no pun intended) do a talk about being outside as much as possible. Kenton Cool has summited Everest thirteen times, so is more than qualified to talk about adventures but yet he spent most of the time talking about the times he spends outdoors with his children. Even admitted to not owning an OS map for his local area to add an element to surprise to their walks and bike rides.

Finding new things to love

I digress….

My friend’s illness has already prevented her from doing many of the things she loves to do, including horse riding and clay pigeon shooting, although she is stubborn, like me, she is learning to adapt her lifestyle. Which in turn is leading her to look at different ways of enjoying less strenuous activities. That doesn’t make them any less challenging for her or mean that she just shouldn’t do them.

I know that ‘K’ feels like life has kicked her in the face and whilst she readjusts to living life differently maybe this will offer her opportunities that previously she would have snubbed?

I’m aware that this post is not my usual “visit this place” type of blog, but when something like this happens to someone you love dearly, it puts things in perspective. Dude and I like to give things a try but I know I am guilty of shirking away from some things because they make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe this post might help someone else who has received big news about their health and or maybe it will give someone courage to try a new activity or walk an unknown route.

I don’t wanna go all “when life gives you lemons” but adventures and dreams are personal to each and every one of us. Sometimes they need to be re-written, or put aside for another day. But share them with the ones you love. Ones that you love as much as I love my dear friend. Go get um tiger!



  1. Kate September 5, 2018 at 20:27

    I’ve so many thoughts on this!

    Firstly, Kenton is amazing isn’t he?

    Secondly I’ve had my ‘lemon years’. Many of them. I’ve radically had to readjust my life. It’s tough and all you can do is do the little things. I’ll never be over it but I can move forward.

    I’m also sick of adventure being everesting, paragliding or even mountain biking or munro bagging. Adventure is many things to many people. It’s exploring scotland, taking shirt walks or getting on a bike for the first time in 30 years and having a go – even if you are crap.

    I should stop now, I’m sending good wishes for your friend and keep on truck in too!

    1. Melanie Chadd September 9, 2018 at 10:16

      Exactly this…. We ALL have our own daily challenges. Do you know my BIGGEST bugbear? As I am walking (slowly) up a hill, people coming down telling me to “keep going, not far now.” I always take offence to this because I don’t see them saying this to the slim racing snakes in front of me. It’s because I’m bringing up the rear, with a face reminiscent of a beetroot and blowing like the Flying Scotsman. I love being outdoors but sometimes it’s quite intimidating to even get out of the house let alone up the hills. I have an under-active thyroid and folk just think I’m lazy and fat. Grrrrrrrrr…..

      The Dude and I bought bikes when we moved up here – it had been a long time since he had been on a bike too but we enjoy it. Although I don’t see the attraction of road cycling.

      The key is to not give a stuff and just have a good time I think.
      Thank you for your kind words, she will appreciate them.

  2. Plutonium Sox September 14, 2018 at 12:48

    Ahh so sorry to hear that your friend isn’t well. I hope her treatment goes well. You know I agree with you about adventures and doing what makes you happy… although I do have to have the odd dig at you occasionally for moving so far away and leaving me!


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