With the events of the last couple of years, more than ever, I think many of us have wanted to learn a new skill. For others there’s been a craving to spend more time outside. During the long summer days we may have taken this for granted but that’s not to say we should now hold off until Spring. Scotland is synonymous with winter activities such as skiing and curling but surely there are other alternatives? The answer is of course yes. We were invited to do some canoeing with Beyond Adventure. What a way to enjoy some outdoor winter therapy, especially since it’s somewhere we haven’t explored in this way.

Winter adventures in Perthshire

Canoeing with Beyond Adventure

We are really lucky to live in Perthshire, it really is one giant playground. With major rivers like the Tay, Garry and Tummel all meandering through the county and more lochs than you can shake a stick at it’s an incredible place for winter adventures.

The team at Beyond Adventure are perfectly situated in Aberfeldy to take advantage of the water and the river Tay passes just a few metres from their front door. Just a few miles down the road at Kenmore is Loch Tay and more sheltered spots on the rivers Tummel and Garry are a stones throw away too. All these places are teeming with wildlife and history.

Throughout the year the Beyond Adventure team do longer canoe expeditions both overseas and across Scotland. On this occasion though we are happy enough to be able to have this option so close to home.

Photo of the river Garry in Scotland. The trees have no leaves on as it's winter. To the right of the image is the front of a canoe

Canoeing at loch Faskally

Arriving nice and early at Aberfeldy on a Monday morning and greeted by Mark, one of the instructors. We had met 12 months ago when he took us out for our first Stand Up Paddleboard experience on the river. It was nice to catch up before getting fitted for our buoyancy aids and paddles.

Our instructor had checked the weather forecast and seen that although it was currently glorious sunshine the wind was to pick up. On that basis he had decided that we would paddle along loch Tummel.

With the minibus all loaded up with canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids and a cute wee dug we followed Mark over toward Pitlochry in our own car. The sunshine was soon replaced with dark brooding clouds and rain. Typical but it’s winter in Scotland, I wouldn’t expect anything else.

With the canoes off loaded and sat at the waters edge we put on our buoyancy aids and grabbed a paddle each. Mark ran through with us what we would be doing, how the water would be and what to expect. And then we were off.

Photo of two males and two canoes on the waters edge

Although I am comfortable swimming in cold water getting into a canoe still gives me a healthy fear. Maybe it’s because of my size? For the first time ever I felt comfortable in a buoyancy aid. Normally they squash everything in and up and I feel like I have very limited arm movement. Beyond Adventure have tested and invested in a brand called NRS. They also make ones specifically to fit women. Just two panels (front and back), a zip at the front and adjustable straps at the sides and shoulders. There’s nothing to restrict movement, it’s like being between two pieces of bread. I totally forgot I was wearing one.

Photo of a waterfall in Scotland. A woman stood in the foreground wearing a buoyancy aid and drinking coffee.
Photo taken by Mark – Beyond Adventure

Not long into our mini expedition the wind picked up and down came the rain. This coincided with us needing to cross the water to slack water and even with guidance it seemed I wasn’t strong enough to do this. Mark lashed our canoes together giving us more power to push through the water. We stayed like this for 100m or so as there was stronger current ahead of us where loch Faskally meets the river Garry.

Photo of and man and a woman canoeing under a small wooden footbridgePhoto taken by Mark – Beyond Adventure

The rain had ceased and we could now spend more time admiring the scenery and looking at the wildlife. Having really close encounters with a dipper who really wasn’t phased by our presence was magic too. It’s one of Jamie’s favourite birds and seeing one this close was a privilege.

We stopped for a coffee break and stood within earshot of the roaring waterfall at the Linn of Tummel. Winter is probably my recommended time to visit waterfalls in Scotland and after all the recent rainfall this one was no exception. Perfect place to thaw out drinking local coffee and chatting all things outdoorsy.

Photo of the Linn of Tummel waterfalls. In the foreground is the front of a canoe

Back on the water and learning more about the local history and how the Beyond Adventure team do their bit to help keep local waterways clear of hazards. Helping land owners with fallen trees that are potentially dangerous obstructions. It works in everyone’s favour and shows incredible community spirit.

Photo of a man and his dog in a canoe on the river Tummel

Make the most of winter

Making the most of winter might seem like a daft thing to say but since moving to Scotland we certainly approach the cold and dark months with a different attitude. As we approach the shortest day here in Perthshire sunrise is around 08:45 and it sets at 15:40-ish. We can pack those six hours of daylight full of adventures. It just means that we have to be prepared and maybe leave the house when it’s dark in order to make the most of the day.

We’ve all heard of the Scandinavian concept of Hygge and its benefits but maybe Scotland has its own box of tricks? I think there are many interpretations of Coorie but I’m drawn to one more than most. Embracing the outdoors as much as we can. Then enjoy snuggling up in front of an open fire and good hearty food. Or whichever way you prefer to warm up and relax. This concept allows us to be more present and feel connected.

I think it’s most definitely a mindset. For me I like to feel the cold and then I don’t feel so guilty about coming home, drawing the curtains and lighting a fire at 15:30.

Our outdoor winter therapy, canoeing with Beyond Adventure was the perfect pick me up. We spent a few hours in the crisp fresh air enjoying the Perthshire scenery. I managed to brush up on my canoe paddling skills and after a brief conversation at the start of the day no-one mentioned the pandemic! That has to be a winner? It’s fair to say we experienced some typical Scottish weather but it can be just as unpredictable in the summer too.

Photo of a rainbow above the river Tummel

**Gifted: we were invited by Beyond Adventure for a winter open canoe experience in return for this blog post. All views on weather are my own. I can’t guarantee you will get the Jedi lightsaber paddle if you book with them after seeing this post.

Photo of a man and woman in a canoe.
Photo taken by Mark – Beyond Adventure

Pin for Later. Photo of snow topped mountains in the background and long grass in the foreground.